Aadarana Old Age Home came into existence since 2018. It is a shelterhome for the Abandoned/ Forbidden Elderly peoples, Mentally Disturbed/Challenged,Roadside Begging elderly people.  A home that started with 2 beneficiariesis now a home for 15. Apart from residence, these beneficiaries are given Rehabilitation,Physiological treatments, moral treatments, medical, and spiritual facilitiesin a homely atmosphere. This home functions under the Women and Child WelfareDepartment & the beneficiaries that come to Aadarana Old Age Home aresanctioned by the Womens Welfare Department. Nearly 25 beneficiaries have been providedshelter till now in Aadarana Old Age Home. Funerals also been done by AadaranaOld Age Home for approximately 10 Elderly peoples.


The main reason behind starting this old age home for mentally disturbed people is one day when I was travelling to complete my work, I saw a person who was without clothes and begging as nude beside the road. When I saw him, I forgot all my work and I only thought about helping him. He was sitting on the road and begging to feed his stomach. Immediately I took him from that place and gave bath, clothes, and food. After all this, I took him to the hospital and admitted to the hospital. I have admitted him to a hospital but am unable to give shelter to him, after recovering again he used to start begging on roadsides. These kinds of people need shelter to stay. From that moment I decided to help these types of people who are mentally disturbed and they are unable to do their own work also. I started this old age home and am gathering mentally disturbed people in my home and making them a family. I could make them as a family but they need separate houses to stay comfortably, but I didn’t have any other buildings except my own house. I took one open land for old people, but we need to build a house for them. Due to the lack of money for me and my wife, I prepared bricks with very hard work over many days and built the house of four rooms and one big hall. We didn’t have sufficient money for the ceiling on the house because of that we arranged cement roofing sheets for the entire house. After the completion of the house, we gathered many old people and gave shelter to them. Am so proud to help these kinds of people

Features of Aadarana Old Age Home:

  • It started at Secunderabad Thanda Village, Mahabubabad (Telangana) in the year 2008

  • Beneficiaries are mentally Disturbed/Challenged, roadside begging people, abandoned elderly people.

  • Presently, Trust provides accommodation for 15 Elderly peoples in Old Age Home, between the age group of 50-80 years.

  • Need for Food, clothing, medical assistance, etc. is being met by the organization

  • The project provides physical/moral/ psychological/Rehabilitation support to every Elderly person with utmost care and empathy.

  • Children’s/Relatives' meetings are organized every month.

  • Even after they leave their soul in an old age home, the Organization completes the Funerals according to their religion respectively.

Facilities at Aadarana Old Age Home:

Medical Check-ups:

The health condition of all inmates is monitored periodically by a Registered Medical Practitioner. Dental / Eye check-up camps are also conducted. 


A TV set and music system has been provided in the common hall for entertainment. Birthdays of their children, all festivals, etc. are celebrated.

Therapy and Counseling:

They are provided counseling through regular counselors appointed to take care of the Elderly mental health.

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