Dyva Krupa Welfare Society (DKWS) is a non-profit organization operational since 2008, with avision to "Support orphan children for achieving a better life in societyand support old people. DKWSis established to support needy people and also support orphan children and oldpeople. DKWS started an orphanage and Elderly home called Dyva KrupaChildren Home and Aadarana Old Age Home in2008 with 5 orphan children and 3 elderly peoples and supported many children'sand elderly peoples till now. Dyva Krupa Children Home (DKCH) 2008 with 5members of orphan children and undertake orphan children who are begging atrailway stations, roadside children, and children who didn't have their parents. DKCH undertake them and give shelter with good facility and goodeducation to lead a successful life in their future and supported above75childrens till now.  Aadarana Old Age Home (AOH) undertakes Oldpeople who are mentally challenged peoples, begging at railway stations, and bus stations, and Elderly people who forcibly leaved by their children from their homes. AOH undertake these types of peoples, give shelter with goodfacilities and provides Medication and all the need to elderly peoples. AOH also did funerals to many elderly people who were died in Old age home.

DKWS not only supports Elderly people and Orphaned children butalso support unemployed women's by providing stitching machine training forfree to make all the unemployed women's as a self-employed in the society. Andalso support poor people by providing their needs, and also held medical campsto support many poor peoples. DKWS willing to support many peoples in thefuture. 

DKWS is approved byIncome Tax department for Tax deduction for all donations under 80G of Income Tax Act. Being a tax exempt entity, donors can avail tax benefits for all donations made to Dyva Krupa Welfare Society under Section 80G of Income TaxAct. We assure to take full responsibility to rationally distribute the donation, for Orphan Children’s and Elderly peoples.


     Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society.


Our vision is to make each child to be self-dependent and self-independent with a bright career. Based on the areas of their interest we want to make them professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, social workers, IAS and IPS etc.


Caring Orphans

Providing secured Shelter and Food

Building of orphanages

Bright Education.


  • Name:- B. Lokesh

  • Designation:- Founder & Director

  • Mobile:- +91 9440686627

  • Email:- lokesh@dkws.org

  • Website:- dkws.org

  • Name:- B. Parvathi

  • Designation:- Treasurer

  • Mobile:- +91 8639655334

  • Email:- parvathi@dkws.org

  • Website:- dkws.org

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